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Late in World War II, the Brits still want their hands on a German Enigma, the typewriter-like machine that constructs and sends coded messages. Parachuting behind enemy lines - with two days to find the factory where Enigmas are made, grab one, and get out - are an unlikely quartet: a queen, a pencil pusher, a bookworm, and an almost secret agent. Plus they are all dressed as women, with only a crash course from the queen. They reach their destination, rendezvous with their German contact, a lovely librarian, and start their search. They seemed doomed to fail; is this a fool's errand? Written by<>

Actors: Matt LeBlanc,Eddie Izzard,James Cosmo,Nicolette Krebitz,David Birkin,Edward Fox,Udo Kier,Oliver Korittke,Karl Markovics,Sissi Perlinger,Holger Speckhahn,Pip Torrens,Maria Petz,Heinrich Herki,Paul Williamson
Year: 2001
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