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The boy Kim moves with his family from the countryside to a ghetto in a big city. He does not do too well in school, and that makes him an easy victim for the hard core bullies in the new school. When the group leader is moved to a private school, Kim is accepted in the gang - as long as he provides cigarettes for the other members. This of course leads to a confrontation with the school teachers, his family and eventually the gang members. Written byMorten Juul

Actors: Tommy Hansen,Karen Margrethe Bjerre,Benny Poulsen,Louise Koch,Jonas Elmer,Morten Eriksen,Magnus Grove,Claus Heil,Christian Lønborg,Louis Steinthal,John Hahn-Petersen,Peter Eszterhas,Gyrd Løfquist,Søren Rode,Kirsten Rolffes
Year: 1981
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" Some scenes are worth the while, like the piece where Kim hits the guys that are giving him a hard time with the chain from his bike"

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