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When his father - who owned a circus - dies, Foster inherits 5 million dollars - and 3 orangutans. However there's a condition connected to the money: if he gives away the orangutans or just one gets sick or dies during the next 3 years, the zoological society will get all the money. So he not only has to deal with 3 apes and an annoyed girlfriend, but also with Laszlo, a kooky new roommate who came from the circus to help with the apes, a greedy zoological society's president, 3 bumbling henchmen and a cranky landlord. Written byTom Zoerner <>

Actors: Tony Danza,Jessica Walter,Stacey Nelkin,Danny DeVito,Art Metrano,Frank Sivero,Rick Hurst,Howard Mann,Joseph Maher,Leon Askin,Jacquelyn Hyde,Ted White,Bob Terhune,Jaye Durkus,Angus Duncan
Year: 1981
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"Tony Danza is his usual self, moderately funny and passable as a leading man, but Danny DeVito as Laszlo steals the show every time he is on camera"

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