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A group of women of Indian descent take a trip together from their home in Birmingham, England to the beach resort of Blackpool. The women vary in ages from mid-teens to old, and initially have little in common. But the events of the day lead them to better mutual understanding and solidarity. Written byReid Gagle

Actors: Kim Vithana,Jimmi Harkishin,Sarita Khajuria,Akbar Kurtha,Mo Sesay,Lalita Ahmed,Shaheen Khan,Zohra Segal,Amer Chadha-Patel,Nisha Nayar,Renu Kochar,Surendra Kochar,Souad Faress,Tanveer Ghani,Peter Cellier
Year: 1993
Imdb: click here

"When I was a film student in London I was the only Scot in class which led to the inevitable question " Do you set your screenplays in Scotland Theo ? " I replied I didn't because setting a story in a specific geographical location lessens the marketability of a script because the parochial nature only appeals to a specific audience BHAJI ON THE BEACH would be an example of what I'm talking about where a bunch of Indian women travel from Birmingham on a day trip to Blackpool "

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