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This story of four working-class kids in a small industrial town--who go their separate ways after high school in the innocence of 1961 and come together again at the end of the turbulent Sixties--is as much about the coming of age of America as it is about the changes the characters go through. The four friends of the title are thoughtful Danilo, a Yugoslavian immigrant with dreams of being a writer and a scholar; Tom, good-looking and athletic, who is bound for the army; cautious David who has mixed feelings about staying in town and joining the family mortuary business; and lovely, ditzy, exasperating Georgia, who tries to inspire all of them with her longings for a life of Bohemian adventure. It is told through the eyes of Danilo, whose story is loosely based on the writer Tesich's own life growing up in Bloomington, Indiana. Written bybabatjie

Actors: Craig Wasson,Jodi Thelen,Michael Huddleston,Jim Metzler,Scott Hardt,Elizabeth Lawrence,Miklos Simon,Michael Kovacs,Beatrice Fredman,Pier Calabria,Zaid Farid,David Graf,Felix Shuman,George Womack,Todd Isaacson
Year: 1981
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" This is on my list of top 10 best films of all time"

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