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In 1965, Bob Crane, who had achieved some earlier success as a television supporting actor, was working as a successful morning radio DJ at KNX Los Angeles. Despite enjoying his work, photography (especially of the female form) and drumming, Crane wanted to be a movie star. So it was with some reluctance that he accepted the title starring role in a new television sitcom called Hogan's Heroes (1965), a WWII POW comedy. To his surprise, the show became a hit and catapulted him to television stardom. The fame resulting from the show led to excesses and a meeting with home video salesman and technician John Carpenter, with who he would form a friendship based on their mutual interests, namely excessive sex (for Crane, purely heterosexual sex) and capturing nude females on celluloid. His fame allowed Crane to have as much sex as he wanted, which was incongruent to his somewhat wholesome television friendly image, and the way he portrayed himself to almost everyone except Carpenter and his... Written byHuggo

Actors: Greg Kinnear,Willem Dafoe,Rita Wilson,Maria Bello,Ron Leibman,Bruce Solomon,Michael E. Rodgers,Kurt Fuller,Christopher Neiman,Lyle Kanouse,DonnaMarie Recco,Ed Begley Jr.,Michael McKean,Cheryl Lynn Bowers,Don McManus
Year: 2002
Imdb: click here

" I wouldn't say that this film's for everyone, but it's well done, and there isn't another one like it that I've seen"

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