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After the American Civil War, a rebel soldier and his wife become pioneer farmers in Florida. Their son Jody is 11 years old; he gets along well with his warm and affectionate pa, but his ma is haunted by the death of her other children, so she's somber, even cold. The boy wants a pet: the dad is sympathetic, the mom obdurate. When a rattler bites pa, pa kills a doe to use its organs to draw out the poison. Jody begs to keep the doe's fawn as a pet. The parents agree, and the boy and the deer are soon inseparable. The fawn grows quickly, and as a yearling tramples tobacco shoots and eats the newly-sprouted corn. This is too much for ma, and Jody has to face harsh, adult realities. Written by<>

Actors: Gregory Peck,Jane Wyman,Claude Jarman Jr.,Chill Wills,Clem Bevans,Margaret Wycherly,Henry Travers,Forrest Tucker,Donn Gift
Year: 1946
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" Like James Stewart, the man exudes class, integrity and kindness"

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