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In this, the third film, it's the pets who do the talking. The Ubriacco's find themselves the owners of two dogs, Rocks, a street wise cross breed, and Daphne, a spoiled pedigree poodle. James has a new job, pilot to the sexy and lonely Samantha. Mollie's just lost hers and is stuck at home. Written byRob Hartill

Actors: John Travolta,Kirstie Alley,David Gallagher,Tabitha Lupien,Lysette Anthony,Olympia Dukakis,Danny DeVito,Diane Keaton,George Segal,Charles Barkley,John Stocker,Elizabeth Leslie,Caroline Elliott,Vanessa Morley,Sandra P. Grant
Year: 1993
Imdb: click here

" 6 out of 10"

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