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Big Enos and Little Enos have opened a seafood restaurant and want to promote it in their usual fashion. The Bandit is unavailable this time, though, so they enlist Buford. "Trigger" is brought out of mothballs, a large fish is strapped to the roof of the car, and the new Bandit is on his way on another wild cross-country run. But where there is the Bandit, there is Sheriff Buford T. Justice. Written byJason A. Cormier <>

Actors: Jackie Gleason,Jerry Reed,Paul Williams,Pat McCormick,Mike Henry,Colleen Camp,Faith Minton,Burt Reynolds,Sharon Anderson,Silvia Arana,Alan Berger,Ray Bouchard,Connie Brighton,Earl Houston Bullock,Ava Cadell
Year: 1983
Imdb: click here

" "Looks like a union meeting," he mentions, followed by "Get away from that or you'll get the herpes!" which are both just as stupid as anything else in this movie"

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