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Fred is living in the Paris Metro system. He is blackmailing Helena, whose safe he has robbed. Fred has various 'friends' all living in this sureal setting. The Roller is a rollerskating bag snatcher and Big Bill is a 'strongman'. The blackmail and Freds relationship with Helena and her heavies make up the bulk of the plot but on the side are Freds attempts to start a band using buskers from the Metro. Written byMatthew Stanfield <>

Actors: Isabelle Adjani,Christopher Lambert,Richard Bohringer,Michel Galabru,Jean-Hugues Anglade,Jean Bouise,Jean-Pierre Bacri,Jean-Claude Lecas,Pierre-Ange Le Pogam,Jean Reno,Eric Serra,Arthur Simms,Michel D'Oz,Alain Guillard,Jimmy Blanche
Year: 1985
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" A handsome gangster joins ranks with a school of dropouts who populate the Parisian subway system, hounded (but never phazed) by transportation police"

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