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Where to watch The Way We Laughed (Così Ridevano)
Turin at the end of the fifties: two brothers have emigrated there from Sicily and the older works very hard to let the younger study and free himself from poverty through culture. The boy however is not keen on school and would like to begin to work. When after some time he gets his degree however things take a violent and dramatic turn...... Written bySalvatore santangelo <>

Actors: Enrico Lo Verso,Francesco Giuffrida,Fabrizio Gifuni,Calogero Caruana,Roberto Marzo,Davide Negro,Giorgio Pittau,Pasqualino Vona,Giuseppe Zarbano,Giuliano Spadaro,Patrizia Marino,Giuseppe Sangari,Francesca Monchiero,Giorgia Scuderi,Salvatore Refano
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Like Giovanni's rise to a position of power through suggested shady dealings, The Way We Laughed seems to be saying that as modern Western societies have become rich, they have arrogantly forgotten the values it took them to get there"

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