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Slovakia during WW2. Tono lives a poor life, but the authorities offer him to take over the Jewish widow Lautman's little shop for sewing material. She is old and confused and thinks that he is only looking for employment and hires him. The odd couple begin to like each other. But some time later the authorities decide that the Jews must leave the city. What should he do with the old lady? Written byMattias Thuresson

Actors: Ida Kaminska,Jozef Kroner,Hana Slivková,Martin Hollý,Adam Matejka,Frantisek Zvarík,Mikulás Ladizinský,Martin Gregor,Alojz Kramar,Gita Misurová,Frantisek Papp,Helena Zvaríková,Tibor Vadas,Eugen Senaj,Luise Grossová
Year: 1965
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"The movie achieves that rarest feat of being able to portray one of the most horrendous experiences in human history without resorting to sensationalism or sentimentality"

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