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Where to watch Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler (Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler)
Dr. Mabuse and his organization of criminals are in the process of completing their latest scheme, a theft of information that will allow Mabuse to make huge profits on the stock exchange. Afterwards, Mabuse disguises himself and attends the Folies Bergères show, where Cara Carozza, the main attraction of the show, passes him information on Mabuse's next intended victim, the young millionaire Edgar Hull. Mabuse then uses psychic manipulation to lure Hull into a card game where he loses heavily. When Police Commissioner von Wenk begins an investigation of this mysterious crime spree, he has little to go on, and he needs to find someone who can help him. Written bySnow Leopard

Actors: Rudolf Klein-Rogge,Aud Egede-Nissen,Gertrude Welcker,Alfred Abel,Bernhard Goetzke,Paul Richter,Robert Forster-Larrinaga,Hans Adalbert Schlettow,Georg John,Károly Huszár,Grete Berger,Julius Falkenstein,Lydia Potechina,Julius E. Herrmann,Julietta Brandt
Year: 1922
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" The more familiar Mabuse may be an improvement over this one, but they don't quite replace him, and those films don't quite replace this one"

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