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Zobel and Karl are a long time gay couple who live together in a trailer home with Lizzie, Zobel's spunky daughter from a heterosexual misadventure. Together these three form a team of thieves who eke out an existence as pickpockets. After a botched job, Karl becomes unable to work, forcing Zobel and Lizzie to seek out a new partner. Lizzie recruits Rudolf, the boyishly charming town misfit. Reluctantly, Zobel allows Rudolf to join them but warns him to never break the golden rule: "No exchanging of bodily fluids within the team." This dictum becomes increasingly difficult to live by as Lizzie's cravings and Zobel's own passions toward Rudolf intensify. Eventually, the golden rule is broken by Lizzie...and then again by Zobel (unbeknownst to Lizzie, of course). An intricate love triangle soon develops amongst the three that is shaped by deception, desire, and betrayal. Written byAttitude Films <>

Actors: Götz George,Christian Redl,Jeanette Hain,Felix Eitner,Angelika Bartsch,Uwe Rohde,Tana Schanzara,Ernst H. Hilbich,Hans Fischer,Norbert Heisterkamp,Jennifer Ostermann,Armin Rohde,Stephan Jansen,Rolf Dennemann,Husam Chadat
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Slightly softening his edges while infusing him with a gentle charm and a wanton sex drive that just so happens to be aimed at men, George provides a strong, believable center for the film"

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