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How important is the truth when falling in love? Bella is a Manhattan café waitress, about to turn 35, stuck in a long-term affair going nowhere. Paul is a widower, facing old age alone. Bella's mother sets her up with Bruno, a novelist/cabbie who likes to bed-hop and whose ex-wife expects their two children to stay with him for awhile. While Bruno learns some maturity from his young daughter, Paul answers a personals ad placed by a "widow, 60." The two couples - along with one of Paul's older pals and a Jungian stripper - sort out how to initiate a relationship these days, what to do when someone you like disappoints you, and when to tell the truth. Written by<>

Actors: Anna Levine,Jamie Harris,Louise Lasser,Robert Modica,Lonette McKee,Victor Argo,Angelica Page,Austin Pendleton,Sandrine Holt,Valerie Geffner,Mark Margolis,Judith Roberts,Lynn Cohen,Salem Ludwig,Irma St. Paule
Year: 2000
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" The whole film gives off a decidedly no-budget feel, with very primitive camera work and often amateurish acting (despite the presence of Louise Lasser), which in and of itself isn't bad, since at least it doesn't have the studio gloss of most recent similarly-minded pseudo-indie films"

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