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Will Graham is a former FBI agent who recently retired to Florida with his wife Molly and their young son. Graham was a 'profiler'; one who profiles criminal's behavior and tries to put his mind into the minds of criminals to examine their thoughts while visiting crime scenes. Will is called out of his self-imposed retirement at the request of his former boss Jack Crawford to help the FBI catch an elusive serial killer, known to the press as the 'Tooth Fairy', who randomly kills whole families in their houses during nights of the full moon and leaves bite marks on his victims. To try to search for clues to get into the mind of the killer, Will has occasional meetings with Dr. Hannibal Lecktor, a charismatic but very dangerous imprisoned serial killer that Will captured years earlier which nearly drove him insane from the horrific encounter that nearly cost Will's life. With some help and hindrance, Will races against the clock before the next full moon when the 'Tooth Fairy' will ... Written bymatt-282

Actors: William Petersen,Kim Greist,Joan Allen,Brian Cox,Dennis Farina,Tom Noonan,Stephen Lang,David Seaman,Benjamin Hendrickson,Michael Talbott,Dan Butler,Michele Shay,Robin Moseley,Paul Perri,Patricia Charbonneau
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" Ralph Fiennes' Dolarhyde is quiet to the point of being a mute and almost semi retarded almost"

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