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While on a fishing trip, Shao Lung's father is killed by Wu Pa Feng in front of the young man's eyes. Lung takes shelter with his uncle's traveling group of Kung Fu acrobats and begins honing his skills so he can one day have his revenge.

Actors: Ji-Lung Chang,Casanova Wong,Lu-Ling Li,Hui Lou Chen,Kai Chia,Yi-Chun Chiang,Han Chang Hu,Kuo Chu Huang,Li Hui,Kun Li,Yun-Pao Lu,Fei Lung,Chin Ku Ma,Li-Pao Ou,Te-Yun Pei
Year: 1979
Imdb: click here

" The main guy does seem to be good at acrobatics, and he does a lot of leaping, rolling and general movement, but until the end its all in the service of silliness"

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