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Chivo, a singer who works in a movie theater providing live entertainment, is and apprehended by a music-loving Mexican bandit Braganza who wants to make Chivo part of his band. Braganza, who admires American gangsters, also kidnaps Jane and her rich boyfriend, Bill. to become more like the American movie gangsters he admires.

Actors: Nino Martini,Ida Lupino,Leo Carrillo,Harold Huber,James Blakeley,Stanley Fields,Mischa Auer,Adrian Rosley,Paul Hurst,Al Ernest Garcia,Frank Puglia,Michael Visaroff,Chris-Pin Martin,Harry Semels,George Du Count
Year: 1936
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" The Mexican stereotypes are a bit painful but they are deliberately exaggerated for this comedy about a Mexican bandit who wants to learn real outlaw lessons from the American gangsters seen on the movie screen"

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