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An ex-employee of the TV ratings company goes to work at the Public Broadcasting Television studio (PBT) when suddenly the computer that determines ratings has a malfunction so that it inaccuratly reports a sudden trend from the normal violence, sex and gore on network television to the artsy PBT shows. Written bySteven Hunter <>

Actors: Lloyd Adams,Robert Wuhl,Eric Bryson,Marcy King,Rick Forsayeth,Barry Flatman,Timothy Arrington,Gailard Sartain,Rod Taylor,Elizabeth Goodyear,Craig Eldridge,Frank Moore,Dolores Toth,Marilyn Boyle,Faye Deabreu
Year: 1996
Imdb: click here

"Robert Wuhl stars in this pungent comedy which is also scripted and directed by him, and few sacred cows of any shapes or sizes remain safe as he casts himself as Stuart Sain, a somewhat naive tour guide for the Fielding Ratings Service, which tracks the television viewing habits of specially chosen American population segments and where a computer malfunction has caused a cellar-dwelling public broadcasting station to fallaciously leapfrog to the top of the rankings"

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