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Jack and Diane were lovers, two crazy kids living in the heartlands (Gee, and John Mellencamp didn't get any writing or soundtrack credits). Diane is the airheaded captain of the cheerleading squad, who follows her through whatever she does. Jack is, of course, the football team's star quarterback. Diane comes up pregnant and the two are thrown out of their homes. They move into an apartment, where they try to live on Jack's part-time salary as a clerk at a video store. Meanwhile both continue in school - cheerleading and quarterbacking. As Diane realizes that they are not making it financially, she recruits the other cheerleaders to help her rob a bank. Their cheerleader oath of all for one commits them to helping her. They get guns from a local hood, who gives them the weapons in exchange for putting his homely daughter on the cheerleading squad. Written byJohn Sacksteder <>

Actors: Marla Sokoloff,Marley Shelton,Melissa George,Mena Suvari,Rachel Blanchard,Alexandra Holden,Sara Marsh,James Marsden,Sean Young,W. Earl Brown,Adam Busch,Jake Hoffman,Nate Maher,David Belenky,Kevin Kling
Year: 2001
Imdb: click here

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