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Heather volunteers as a crisis center hot-line operator. She receives a telephone call from a tearful Stan, who is reluctant to divulge the nature of his problem. All she can initially get out of him is that he is despondent and remorseful about an event that happened two years ago, which is now making it difficult for him to continue. The call takes on some urgency for her when she learns that he has taken some prescription anti-depressants. While she tries to convince him to let her call an ambulance for him, all he really seems to want is someone - her - to figuratively hold his hand while he dies. Without any other support staff around, Heather has to use whatever clues she can glean from their conversation to provide Stan the help she wants to get to him before he dies. Written byHuggo

Actors: Sally Hawkins,Jim Broadbent,Edward Hogg,Prunella Scales
Year: 2013
Imdb: click here

" Broadbent, though he is no more than a voice throughout the short, also provides one with spine-tingling urgency, as his voice captivates, giving off each emotion and vocal-quiver with a great deal of sincerity and believability"

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