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Matteo is a Roman barber. In Roma his activity is driving him almost to ruin, he is full of debts. He decides to escape from this depressing reality accepting his sister Angelina invitation to Brazil. In Rio he knows his nephew Rocco and his fiancé Giorgigna. They both drive him round Rio for the classic tour among beaches and monuments. Following the news that his former wife had a car accident Matteo decides to come back to Roma. Soon Giorgigna reaches him in Roma. But at the end the delicate economic situation in Roma oblige them to come back to Brasil, where Matteo open a new barber shop. Written by1felco

Actors: Diego Abatantuono,Rocco Papaleo,Giuseppe Oristanio,Margaret Mazzantini,Renata Fronzi,Dario Tata,Claudio Bignone,Mauro Di Francesco,Nini Salerno,Ugo Conti,Antonio Petrocelli,Zuleika Dos Santos,Irene Grandi,Luiz Armado,Monica Assis
Year: 1996
Imdb: click here

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