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A young man has just been admitted to a mental hospital after attempting suicide at a public beach. Unable to remember even his own name, the doctors call him John Doe #83. Soon after his arrival, the doctor assigned to him begins seeing and hearing things around her that have no explanation. Soon she beings to make the terrifying connection between the things she's seeing and her new patient. Written byJean-Marc Rocher <>

Actors: Kathryn Harrold,Zeljko Ivanek,Shirley Knight,Paul Freeman,Sean Hewitt,Harry Ditson,Olivier Pierre,Tracy Harper,Al Matthews,Marsha A. Hunt,Angus MacInnes,Jana Shelden,Manning Redwood,John Stephen Hill,Monica Buford
Year: 1982
Imdb: click here

" Any movie that can scare you silly with a shot of a middle-aged mother walking to her son (see the movie to find out why it's scary) is one hell of a horror movie in my book! Add to that a beautiful music score and excellent performances by Knight and Ivanek (who has gone on to be a top character actor)"

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