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Holly, Cali and Mel, three girls celebrating the Christmas holidays at Mel's house the night before Christmas eve. Cali convinces them to go out and have some fun when the others feel like just going to bed (Cali's role as instigator of problems continues throughout the movie). The girls are led to a deserted mansion filled with expensive cars and booze (having been told it's Cali's uncles place). The plot is mostly based around the psychological mechanisms that can take hold when a stupid mistake ends up as a threat to a young persons future well-being and how normal morals can be overwhelmed by indulgent, half-baked ideas of self-preservation. Written

Actors: Helen Rogers,Alexandra Turshen,Lauren Molina,Larry Fessenden,Adam Cornelius,Dan Brennan,Kimberly Flynn,Ian Robinson,Jack Brenner,Mike Keller
Year: 2015
Imdb: click here

" There is literally no excitement at all as it limps to a dull climax"

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