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Young Jimmy is being pursued by the evil Wilhemina W. Witchiepoo. More specifically, Witchiepoo is after Jimmy's small friend, a small solid gold diamond encrusted talking flute named Freddy. Witchiepoo knows that if she has Freddy in her possession, she will definitely be named Witch of the Year at the upcoming witch's convention. In Witchiepoo's pursuit of them, Jimmy and Freddy escape to Living Island, where Witchiepoo's wicked castle is located. But Living Island is also a fantastical land of among other things talking animals, talking trees and talking winds. The mayor of Living Island is H.R. Pufnstuf, a talking dragon. Pufnstuf and his friends do whatever they need to to protect Jimmy and Freddy from Witchiepoo's evil grip. Pufnstuf and his friends have to get Jimmy and Freddy off the island to their ultimate safety. In the end, Jimmy may have to save Pufnstuf and all the good guys, as another of Witchiepoo's plans is to serve spit-roasted dragon at the convention. Written byHuggo

Actors: Jack Wild,Billie Hayes,Martha Raye,Cass Elliot,Billy Barty,Jane Dulo,Allison McKay,Jan Davis,Princess Livingston,Sharon Baird,Joy Campbell,Roberto Gamonet,Andy Ratoucheff,Angelo Rossitto,Felix Silla
Year: 1970
Imdb: click here

" But perhaps the scariest part is the little English boy Jimmy, who sings and dances and comes up with the stupidest plans, that actually work"

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