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On August 14th, 1945, at an Imperial conference, the Showa Emperor, Hirohito (Masahiro Motoki), finally decided to accept the Potsdam Declaration. However, some young firebrand Army officers insisted on continuing the war and conspired to launch a coup. Anami (Koji Yakusho), the Minister of War, was pressed to make an extremely difficult decision. Written byShochiku (production/distributor)

Actors: Kôji Yakusho,Masahiro Motoki,Tsutomu Yamazaki,Shin'ichi Tsutsumi,Tôri Matsuzaka,Kikuo Kaneuchi,Misuzu Kanno,Katsumi Kiba,Midoriko Kimura,Kazushige Komatsu,Akaji Maro,Ken'ichi Matsuyama,Yûko Miyamoto,Shû Nakajima,Ikuji Nakamura
Year: 2015
Imdb: click here

" (Perhaps a brief introductory overview/road-map before the film gets underway might do the trick?) It is surprising to see the mode of transportation used by grimly-fanatic and fully-armed officer-leaders of the mutiny to tool around Tokyo (or what was left of it) at night---bicycles! A juxtaposition that seems to be telegraphing the eventual outcome of the mutiny"

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