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Protagonist of the film is Melita Zganjer, woman who desperately tries to lose weight. This proves to be very difficult because she works in a pastry shop. Unlike her man-eating roommate Visnja, she only dreams about love and spends all her free time watching South American soap opera "Slave of Love". The man of his dreams is much closer than she thinks, though. Janko, young man who delivers pastry, loves Melita but is too shy to express his feelings. In the meantime, Eva, policewoman and another of Melita's roommates, tries to set her up with one of her colleagues. Those efforts fail, but Melita's dreams seems to come true with Antonio Mulero, "Slave of Love" star who arrived to Zagreb to shoot a feature film.

Actors: Mirjana Rogina,Goran Navojec,Suzana Nikolic,Sanja Vejnovic,Ena Begovic,Filip Sovagovic,Ivo Gregurevic,Ljubomir Kerekes,Inge Appelt,Visnja Babic,Rene Bitorajac,Etta Bortolazzi,Mladen Crnobrnja,Bozidarka Frajt,Eliza Gerner
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

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