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French rocker Johnny Hallyday stars as a professional thief just released from jail. He returns to stealing to support his family. After several successful thefts, he decides to include his under-aged kid into the "family business".

Actors: Johnny Hallyday,Fanny Ardant,Guy Marchand,Laurent Romor,Rémi Martin,Juliette Rennes,Caroline Pochon,Ann-Gisel Glass,Fabrice Luchini,Jérôme Barrier,Maxime Beaugrand,Claudine Berg,Julien Bertheau,Françoise Bette,Philippe De Brugada
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" It's a film composed of odd events and offbeat details, like little sister Martine's unfulfilled incestuous longings for brother Francois, or the two mad, Latin speaking Bulgarian twins who interrupt one of the burglaries"

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