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Haskell (Michael Caine) is assigned a job by his boss, the aristocratic Landon-Higgins (James Fox), to highjack a high security van in broad daylight while it's in the shadow run (out of radio contact with the main security firm). He assembles a team to carry out the heist, but things don't go according to plan and Haskell begins to think his boss might be double crossing him. Add to this, a teenage boarding school pupil has already witnessed some of the meetings of the team and Haskell's in real trouble. Written byMarjorie Johns <>

Actors: Michael Caine,James Fox,Matthew Pochin,Rae Baker,Kenneth Colley,Christopher Cazenove,Rupert Frazer,Leslie Grantham,Tim Healy,Emma Reeve,Katherine Reeve,Angela Douglas,Maurice Thorogood,Richard Tuck,John Bray
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Caine is a ruthless gangster thief, with a particular habit of killing people for the slightest discrepancy"

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