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Serving seven consecutive terms, Anthony Weiner, good friends with and political allies to the Clintons, was once a highly respected member of Congress from New York City, he seen as a man sticking up for the every day person. That all changed in June, 2011 when he was forced to resign in disgrace after admitting that he did tweet lewd "headless" photos of himself from his public Twitter account to women he met online, and that it was not the work of a hacker or that the photos were of someone else. At the time, his wife Huma Abedin, herself a key aide to Hillary Clinton, was pregnant with their first child, she who decided to stand by her man. Two years later with Abedin still by his side, Weiner tries to resurrect his political career in a run for New York City mayor. He realizes that he has an uphill battle not only because of the known previously tweeted photos, but that there are other lewd photos from that era that may also come to light during the campaign. Regardless of the ... Written byHuggo

Actors: Huma Abedin,Amit Bagga,Adam S. Barta,Bill Clinton,Stephen Colbert,Bill de Blasio,Camille Joseph,Sydney Leathers,Jane Lynch,Bill Maher,Barbara Morgan,Andrew Noh,Lawrence O'Donnell,Barack Obama,Dean Obeidallah
Year: 2016
Imdb: click here

" Overall near excellent film that shows how a vice when revealed and exposed can destroy your profession and bring you down in life never being the same as some like Anthony Weiner never learn as the habit is so hard to break!"

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