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A little girl's brother kills the whole family but her (she escapes by hiding in the basement). He is committed, and she grows up with a new family, eventually going to college, where she joins a sorority. Due to a memory block, she doesn't remember that the sorority house was her childhood house. Her brother senses her presence in the house and escapes so he can finish the job he was unable to complete. Written byEd Sutton <>

Actors: Angela O'Neill,Wendy Martel,Pamela Ross,Nicole Rio,John C. Russell,Marcus Vaughter,Vinnie Bilancio,Joe Nassi,Mary Anne,Gillian Frank,Joseph Mansier,Robert Axelrod,Fitz Houston,Marsha L. Carter,Maureen Hawkes
Year: 1986
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" I'm not gonna lie to you -- this is far from great -- but, it is surprisingly suspenseful in parts, the characters are fairly likable, and, unlike most of these other movies, the script does a believably good job of keeping the girls trapped in the house"

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