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Rescued by Rover is a film about a dog. Not only is it a film about a dog it is also a film about the kidnaping of a young baby by an old woman. With these two classical Hollywood ingredients and some stunning dialogue, (It's silent!), Rescued by Rover really hits a nerve. The repeated shots provide some interest in what, surprisingly, is an entertaining example of early cinema, canine heroics and a man wearing mascara. Written byPaul Lancaster <>

Actors: Blair,May Clark,Barbara Hepworth,Cecil M. Hepworth,Mrs. Hepworth
Year: 1905
Imdb: click here

" The film is about a baby-napping and the faithful Collie who comes to the child's rescue! The problem for me, though, is that although I am a real Cinephile and love historical films, the quality of this film doesn't come close to the really wonderful short films Georges Méliès was making at the same time--with great camera tricks, better and more interesting plots and are much more entertaining today"

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