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Offshore near Caboblanco, Peru, an explorer of sea wrecks is murdered. However, local authorities decide that the official cause of death is "accidental drowning." Among the skeptical is Giff Hoyt, an expatriate American, longtime Caboblanco resident and popular innkeeper. Giff's interest is further piqued when Marie arrives in town. Her passport is confiscated by the corrupt authority, and Giff protests. Furthermore, a Nazi named Beckdorff lives in a well-fortified compound near town, and he might be responsible for the explorer's death. Beckdorff himself seeks sunken treasure in the area, as well as protection from local interference. Can Giff Hoyt stifle the evil Beckdorff, save the lovely Marie, and possibly even locate sunken treasure? Written byveloc <>

Actors: Charles Bronson,Jason Robards,Dominique Sanda,Fernando Rey,Simon MacCorkindale,Camilla Sparv,Gilbert Roland,Denny Miller,James Booth,Jorge Russek,Clifton James,Ernest Esparza III,José Chávez,Carlos Romano,Martin LaSalle
Year: 1980
Imdb: click here

" Also how they used the breathtakingly erotic Mexican backdrop in the action was accordingly staged and well-framed"

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