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Where to watch Tarzan and the Valley of Gold
The international criminal Vinaro enjoys sending explosive wristwatches to his enemies. Here he kidnaps ten-year-old Ramel whom he thinks can lead him to the lost city of gold. Tarzan fights the evil Mr. Train, six-foot-six bodyguard of Vinaro, and rescues Sophia, who has been left to die with an explosive around her neck. Various animals help Tarzan locate Vinaro's tanks and helicopters, the city and the boy. Written byEd Stephan <>

Actors: Mike Henry,David Opatoshu,Manuel Padilla Jr.,Nancy Kovack,Don Megowan,Enrique Lucero,Eduardo Noriega,John Kelly,Francisco Riquerio,Frank Brandstetter,Carlos Rivas,Jorge Beirute,Oswald Olvera
Year: 1966
Imdb: click here

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