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A boy named Volka discovers an ancient vessel on the bottom of a river. When he opens it, a genie emerges from there. He calls himself Hassan Abdurrahman ibn Khottab, or in Russian style Khottabych. Grateful Khottabych is ready to fulfill any of Volka's wishes. But it appears that Volka should use the powers of the genie carefully, for they can have undesirable results. Written byBoris Shafir <>

Actors: Nikolay Volkov,Aleksei Litvinov,Gennadi Khudyakov,Lev Kovalchuk,Vera Romanova,Maya Blinova,Olga Cherkasova,Yefim Kopelyan,Aleksandr Larikov,Evgeniy Vesnik,A. Galin,Boris Kokovkin,Anatoly Korolkevich,Vsevolod Kuznetsov,M. Stepanov
Year: 1956
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" The Russian Cinema Council (RUSCICO) just released a beautiful DVD of the film with optional subtitles or English language voiceover, which is probably the only way I could have managed to see it"

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