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Otto loses his flat, because he could not pay the rent. To work off his rent arrears he is doing dirty work for the caretaker. Just now Gaby moves into the house and Otto falls in love, but Gaby has eyes only for Amboss the bodybuilder.

Actors: Otto Waalkes,Anja Jaenicke,Ute Sander,Friedrich Schoenfelder,Dirk Dautzenberg,Joachim Kemmer,Georg Blumensaat,Ronald Nitschke,Karl Schulz,Hans Martin Stier,H.H. Müller,Dieter Landuris,Thomas Ahrens,Claus-Peter Damitz,Urs Remond
Year: 1987
Imdb: click here

" Sure, fans of the Otto-material will find a few laughs but considering that many of the jokes in the first part weren't particularly 'fresh', they often seem way more aged here"

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