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Klavdia Vavilova, a Red Army cavalry commissar, is waylaid by an unexpected pregnancy. She stays with a Jewish family to give birth and is softened somewhat by the experience of family life. Written byErik Gregersen <>

Actors: Nonna Mordyukova,Rolan Bykov,Raisa Nedashkovskaya,Lyudmila Volynskaya,Vasiliy Shukshin,Lyubov Kats,Pavel Levin,Dmitri Kleyman,Marta Bratkova,Igor Fishman,Sergey Nikonenko,Otar Koberidze,Viktor Shakhov,Leonid Reutov
Year: 1967
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"Some of the themes that I found particularly interesting were: the use of the innocence of children to depict the horror of war, the image of saddled horses without riders galloping into battle, and, of course, the father dancing in the midst of a bomb raid"

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