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Young Dr. Kildare is still being trained at General Hospital by old, crusty Dr. Gillespie. This time, he tries to rehabilitate Gregory Lane, a brain surgeon depressed over losing too many patients (and incidentally Kildare's romantic rival for nurse Mary Lamont). Lane's losing streak takes a new turn when one of his patients survives...but seems to be insane. Or is the man's strange obsession with Friday the clue to a mystery? To find out, Kildare must take a terrible risk. Written byRod Crawford <>

Actors: Lew Ayres,Lionel Barrymore,Laraine Day,Shepperd Strudwick,Samuel S. Hinds,Emma Dunn,Nat Pendleton,Walter Kingsford,Alma Kruger,John Eldredge,Nell Craig,Marie Blake,Charles Waldron,George Lessey,Tom Collins
Year: 1940
Imdb: click here

"In this entry into the series, Kildare attempts to save the reputation of a neurosurgeon (Sheppard Strudwick) who has had a streak of bad luck, i"

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