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Hard-boiled archeologist Mark Brandon is searching for ancient tombs in Egypt when he is approached by beautiful Ann Mercedes, who convinces him to help her fulfill her deceased father's life's ambition - to provide solid proof of the biblical Joseph's travels in ancient Egypt. As an ex-pupil of Ann's father Mark accepts and the two embark on a search for the tomb of the Pharoah Ra Hotep, said to have had some connection with Joseph. The trail to the tomb is fraught with intrigue, betrayal, murder and the possibility that the tomb itself has been emptied of all its artifacts by ancient looters. Written byDoug Sederberg <>

Actors: Robert Taylor,Eleanor Parker,Carlos Thompson,Kurt Kasznar,Victor Jory,Leon Askin,Aldo Silvani,Samia Gamal
Year: 1954
Imdb: click here

" Their hunt for a pharaoh's lost tomb and their growing attraction to each other provide a number of good moments but the real stars here are the monuments of Egypt -- including a visit to St"

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