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Albert is old, lonely, drunken and unemployed, but an expert in computers. He embarks on a mission to get rid of the people he hates most - television and invents a way to kill them, on air, from the comfort of his own living are baffled, but Inspector Romain dedicates himself to the chase... Written byTahwail <>

Actors: Richard Bohringer,Michel Galabru,Dominique Lavanant,Romane Bohringer,Etienne Chicot,Harry Cleven,Riton Liebman,Kim Massee,Michael Goldman,Geoffrey Carey,Charles Gérard,Philippe Girard,Vincent Skimenti,Philippe Landoulsi,Jean-Paul Muel
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" I can't recall ever seeing him in the lead role, but he takes it and runs with it in KAMIKAZE"

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