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Alexandra Deford, a precious and precocious girl, was just eight years old when she died in 1980 following a battle against the debilitating effects of cystic fibrosis, the number-one genetic killer of children. Her poignant and uplifting story touched the hearts of millions when it was first published and then made into a memorable television movie. A new introduction contains information on the latest cystic fibrosis research, and a touching postcript reveals how the Deford family came to terms with the loss of Alex. Whenever he speaks, sportswriter Frank Deford knows people will bring articles for him to sign. But what makes him happiest is when someone attends a sports-oriented lecture and brings a copy of Alex: The Life of a Child for him to sign. "Invariably, and happily, there's usually someone at each appearance who either brings that book or wants to talk about their connection to cystic fibrosis." Deford says. "It's tremendously gratifying to me. Rarely does a week go by ... Written byWritten by Kasey Louise

Actors: Craig T. Nelson,Bonnie Bedelia,Gennie James,Danny Corkill,Mark Withers,Melonie Mazman Hayden,Brenda Bazinet,Cherry Jones,Elva Mai Hoover,Dann Florek,Sean McCann,Ted Simonett,Jane Schoettle,Lindsey Amelio,Harley Cross
Year: 1986
Imdb: click here

" Since I don't have any children, I can say that I have watched this film and cried a little each time"

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