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In the aftermath of the most devastating conflict mankind had ever experienced, the tiny island of Shikotan became part of the Sakhalin Oblast... and on the unhealed border in this remote corner of the world, friendship among children from two different countries timidly blossomed, striving to overcome language barriers and the waves of history. Inspired by true events. Written byProduction I.G

Actors: Tatsuya Nakadai,Yukie Nakama,Yûsuke Santamaria,Tatiana Sharko,Kota Yokoyama,Junya Taniai,Kaoru Yachigusa,Ho Han Yoo,Austin Nash Chase,Aleksandr Golovchanskiy,Kannon Gowen,Natalie Hoover,Masachika Ichimura,Polina Ilyushenko,Hiroshi Inuzuka
Year: 2014
Imdb: click here

" Children being children, they soon are playing together, learning each other's language and maybe, just maybe, falling a little bit in love"

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