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Asuka, 35-year-old woman working at a fish factory and engaged to her boss Hedzhaymom Taki. In all her life, as she seems nice and peaceful, until one day while walking around the lake, it does not occur with the mythological creature is a hybrid of human and fish. This marsh inhabitants Asuka learns his long-drowned in a swamp classmate. Despite the fact that drowning guy like reborn as a fish, he still loves Asuka, and ready at any cost to achieve its location. Written bylament

Actors: Sawa Masaki,Yoshirô Umezawa,Ai Narita,Mutsuo Yoshioka,Fumio Moriya,Emi Nishimura,Hiroshi Satô,Yutaka Ônishi
Year: 2011
Imdb: click here

" I came to this film by virtue of being a Stereo Total fan; and though I can't say I'm disappointed with their effort, I'm left wondering how they were persuaded to do this"

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