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In the middle of Nowheresville lives 16-year-old Mike who wants out of his crappy life - permanently! Spending his time devising ways to do himself in, he considers the fatal brain tumor in his head as a godsend. That changes when he meets a girl and falls in love for the first time - without even knowing what love is.

Actors: Alex Ozerov,Bea Santos,Krista Bridges,Sebastian Schipper,Udo Kier,Jim Annan,R.D. Reid,Jeff Clarke,David Tompa,Duane Murray,Darren Summersby,Claire Calarco,Jim Calarco,Dylan Cook,Michael Vincent Dagostino
Year: 2015
Imdb: click here

"The main actor said he didn't try to concentrate on the fact that his character was suicidal nor did he think that that was the case"

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