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Dutch teenagers Jonathan and his best mate Coen were raised as Jehovah's Witnesses, a strict Bible-focused minority community which monopolizes nearly all of the members' lives, imposing missionary work in pairs, knocking at every door trying to sell the magazines and the message which believers consider the whole and only Divine truth. Both boys can however play modern music, rehearsing for the religious Sunday service band, and secretly see girlfriends who aren't "in the truth" (converted). Jonathan's Marjan, a rebellious squatter and graphic artist, drags the well-behaved boy along in heathenish gang-mischief such as shop vandalism and can't believe he accepted all his life to do meekly as his parents and (church) elders tell him in God's name instead of making his own choices. When Jonathan's father expects him to join the boss's boat-building firm as apprentice at minimal wage, bagging on the art academy he dreams of as 'barbaric filth', some teenage rebellion sets in; when Coen ... Written byKGF Vissers

Actors: Egbert Jan Weeber,Michiel Huisman,Nadja Hüpscher,Medi Broekman,Elsie de Brauw,Anne Buurma,Menno Van Beekum,Nancy Smit,Mads Wittermans,Maarten Wemelsfelder,Gino Gebhard,Kees Broos,Dennis Overeem,Marcel Hensema,Hans Man in 't Veld
Year: 2001
Imdb: click here

" It were especially the three young actors who convinced me with their performances! This picture certainly gives us something to think about! I now know much more about the Jehova-religion (but I can't say this movie made me understand it)"

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