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Summer, 1943: wealthy youth in the Riccione district of Rimini play while the war gets closer. Carlo Caremoli, a young man who follows the crowd, has found ways to avoid military service. Then, on the beach, he meets Roberta, a war widow with a child. Roberta's mother warns Roberta to avoid Carlo, but to her, he seems attentive and to her daughter he is kind. Romance develops. Within a few weeks, Roberta is risking everything. Can there be a resolution between passion, on the one hand, and war, duty, and social expectation on the other? Written by<>

Actors: Eleonora Rossi Drago,Jean-Louis Trintignant,Lilla Brignone,Raf Mattioli,Federica Ranchi,Cathia Caro,Giampiero Littera,Bruno Carotenuto,Tina Gloriani,Enrico Maria Salerno,Jacqueline Sassard
Year: 1959
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" During years I was in love with that woman (I was 16 years old when I saw it)"

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