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By using a series of visually and aurally dense tableaux created with advanced motion control, optical printing and animation techniques, the film explores the complex battle for natural resources waged between Los Angeles and the Owens Valley.

Actors: Joel Lorimen,Beth Block,George Lockwood,Megan Williams,Ric Stafford,Chris Casady,Amy Halperin,Michael Pestel,Tom Leeser,Adam Dubov,Carlos Durazo,Bill Stobaugh,Beverly Bernacki,Byron Werner,Jon Lee
Year: 1989
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" The film is a (strictly non-narrative) visual showcase, but what might have been merely a technical exercise in virtuoso FX wizardry becomes an exciting and challenging work of art, combining a sophisticated, choreographed sound track, several comic visual juxtapositions (including segments from old Hollywood movies such as Cecil B"

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