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Carl-Gustaf Nykvist's documentary about his father, Sven Nykvist. The film is based on Sven's memoirs with Sven himself as narrator. A journey to the place of birth, Moheda, constitutes the hub of the film and during the journey friends and memories emerge. Written byFredrik Klasson <>

Actors: Sven Nykvist,Erland Josephson,Susan Sarandon,Stellan Skarsgård,Gena Rowlands,Ingmar Bergman,Liv Ullmann,Woody Allen,Richard Attenborough,Vilmos Zsigmond,Vittorio Storaro,Sigfrid Sodergren,Bibi Andersson,Per Lönndahl,Gunnel Lindblom
Year: 2000
Imdb: click here

" But to get such a fine glimpse of the man and his art, after being sadly forced into retirement by an ailment, is remarkable"

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