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Carl-Gustaf Nykvist's documentary about his father, Sven Nykvist. The film is based on Sven's memoirs with Sven himself as narrator. A journey to the place of birth, Moheda, constitutes the hub of the film and during the journey friends and memories emerge. Written byFredrik Klasson <>

Actors: Sven Nykvist,Erland Josephson,Susan Sarandon,Stellan Skarsgård,Gena Rowlands,Ingmar Bergman,Liv Ullmann,Woody Allen,Richard Attenborough,Vilmos Zsigmond,Vittorio Storaro,Sigfrid Sodergren,Bibi Andersson,Per Lönndahl,Gunnel Lindblom
Year: 2000
Imdb: click here

" His life story is put together lovingly by his son, and the interviews with those that have worked along with him, like Liv Ullmann (actually, all of Bergman's stock company rolls out), Woody Allen, Richard Attenborough, and other fellow cinematographers like Storaro and Zsigmond"

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