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Watch Tess of the D'Urbervilles online

Where to watch Tess of the D'Urbervilles
Young country girl Tess Durbyfield goes to work for her aristocratic relatives, the D'Urbervilles, in an attempt at helping her family to raise some money. Her cousin Alec falls in love with her and seduces/rapes her. Written byAnonymous

Actors: Justine Waddell,Jason Flemyng,Oliver Milburn,John McEnery,Lesley Dunlop,Rosalind Knight,Anthony O'Donnell,Christine Moore,Bryan Pringle,Debbie Chazen,Candida Rundle,Amanda Brewster,Linda Armstrong,Hannah Waterman,Charlotte Bellamy
Year: 1998
Imdb: click here

" Oliver Milburn, who played Angel Clare, brings a new kind of skeptical optimism to the role not as apparent in Peter Firth's portrayal back in 1979"

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