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In 1998, a young gay man by the name of Matthew Shepard was robbed, viciously beaten and left tied to a fence to die. Although he was soon found by the police and hospitalized, he soon expired. This film recounts the events after the conviction of the two men responsible for this hate motivated murder. Matthew's parents, though satisfied by the conviction, are finding the sentencing phase of the trial more difficult. The parents initially want to request the death penalty for their son's murderers, but the mother, Judy, starts to reconsider. As they struggle with their decision, they decide to reexamine the life of their son and rediscover his personality, his struggle to accept his homosexual sexual orientation as a natural part of his being and above all, his generous humanity to others. All of this leads the parents to appeal to the court the way their son would have wanted, not out of vengeance but to represent best of what their son was and the tragedy of his loss. Written byKenneth Chisholm <>

Actors: Stockard Channing,Shane Meier,Wendy Crewson,Kristen Thomson,Joseph Ziegler,Yani Gellman,Sam Waterston,Damien Atkins,Philip Eddolls,Paul Robbins,Judah Katz,Drew Nelson,Nazneen Contractor,Makyla Smith,Lindsay Murrell
Year: 2002
Imdb: click here

"I found this to be a very touching and moving movie with wonderful performances by all, however, I felt it would have been much better without all the grainy and artistic camera shots, and that the movie would have been more effective if told from the beginning to the end rather than jumping forward, back, forward, and showing so many flashbacks"

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